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SR Products x Lasa Marble
Limited Edition of 100.

A limited edition of 100 created for the launch of SR products and the iconic SR-L-01. This limited edition uses a broken marble base from the marble quarry in Lasa as the base. Each piece is of course broken differently - each piece is unique. Signed by Almut Becvar and Franz Riebenbauer and numbered. Comes in a signature wooden box.

Shade: H: 1555 mm, Pipe Diameter: 30 mm
Base: H: 300 mm, L: 250 mm, D: 150 mm
Cord Length: 2,5 m

LIFE HOURS: approx. 50.000 h
WATTAGE: approx. 14 Watt
COLOR TEMPERATURE: approx. 3.000 K
CORD: Textile Covered white, 2,5 m
LM/W: approx. 98

MATERIALS: Brushed Stainless Steel, Lasa Marble, Polycarbonate (Tube)

Market Compliance: Europe
CE (230V)
Daily cleaning can be done by wiping with a clean dry cloth. Should the surface need more attention, this can be cleaned with water and a mild detergent or soap applied with a damp cloth. Wipe afterwards with a clean dry cloth. Do not use acidic or alkaline cleaning materials, glass cleaner or household ammonia. Use only soft cloth for wiping and polishing, never use sponges or metal scrubs. always wipe in the direction of the structure.

With an elegant and crystalline look, the veining of our Marble ensures that each and every product is one of a kind. For regular cleaning, the product should only be cleaned with a dry soft cloth.

Contact with hard objects must be avoided at all costs. For daily cleaning it is recommended to use a soft cloth wrung in lukewarm water. For more severe cleaning a mild detergent can be used. Always dry immediately after. Please do not use: microfibre cloths, scouring agents, harsh cleaning agents, scouring cloths, brushes, abrasive pads or cloths. Solvents and chemicals such as acetone, benzene or carbon tetrachloride, paint thinner or alcohol compounds with more than 5% alcohol can attack the surface and make it cloudy.

The information included in these materials is a guidance on the proper care and maintenance of our products, but this guidance cannot be considered a guarantee of specific results. We are not liable for any damage resulting from care and maintenance activities. Information from suppliers of chemicals and cleaning solvents, including but not limited to label instructions, should always be