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This bench is a one of a kind masterpiece made by the best Austrian craftsmen. The century old wooden block from an old oil press – carefully dried and cutted – stands in a strong contrast to the top made of brushed anodized aluminium. Cushions with linen from Austria and bases made of Travertine compliments this bench. Signed  and numbered by Almut Becvar and Franz Riebenbauer. Comes in a signature wooden box.

Dimensions: H: 45cm W: 207,2cm, D: 45cm

H: 45cm W: 207,2cm, D: 45cm
Before cleaning, the material compatibility should be tested on an inconspicuous area.

Wood swells and shrinks when exposed to moisture or heat. This can result in dimensional changes, distortions and open joints. An even room climate can prevent this (approx. 20-23°C and 50-70% humidity). Clean the surface with a pH-neutral washing-up liquid and a soft cloth. Wipe the surfaces with a dry, soft cloth to avoid streaking.

With an elegant and crystalline look, the veining of our Marble ensures that each and every product is one of a kind. For regular cleaning, the product should only be cleaned with a dry soft cloth.

Daily cleaning can be done by wiping with a clean dry cloth. Use only soft cloth for wiping and polishing, never use sponges or metal scrubs. Always wipe in the direction of the structure. Should the surface need more attention, this can be cleaned with water and a mild detergent or soap applied with a damp cloth. Wipe afterwards with a clean dry cloth. Do not use acidic or alkaline cleaning materials, glass cleaner or household ammonia.

The information included in these materials is a guidance on the proper care and maintenance of our products, but this guidance cannot be considered a guarantee of specific results. We are not liable for any damage resulting from care and maintenance activities. Information from suppliers of chemicals and cleaning solvents, including but not limited to label instructions, should always be